My goal as your Doula is to do my best to help you achieve the birth you desire. In cases where this is not possible, such as in an emergency situation, my job then changes a bit. But whatever the situation, my focus is always on your family and being sure that you all understand what is going on and what to expect. I am there to help answer any questions you or your partner have about the birth and birth process.

I provide services in Spokane and Coeur D’Alene hospitals, birth centers, and at home births.

Birth Doula Services

Included in the birth doula fee:
An appointment at approximately 38 weeks where we will discuss what to do when you go into labor, ways to avoid induction, answer any questions you have, and lastly a lesson in pushing.

I am with you during the entire birth – from the moment you want my assistance until the baby is in your arms. I generally stay for only an hour or two after baby is born. I assist with breastfeeding if you choose to do so. My general rule is to stay after the baby is born until baby is latched and everyone is fed and happy.

I will visit once in the hospital and then about 2 weeks after the birth. We talk about your birth, answer any questions you have, and process anything that may have not gone exactly as planned. I make sure that feeding is going well whatever method you choose. I have plenty of resources available for any additional assistance you may need.

Once you have reserved me as your birth Doula, we will set up prenatal appointments as deemed necessary according to your needs & wants for a Doula. We will also take into consideration how far along you are in your pregnancy. Obviously, getting started earlier provides more of an opportunity for appointments and discussions beyond the required prenatals.

If you need postpartum help beyond just the two week visit, I do that too!

Postpartum Services

Many moms end up needing a bit more help after they bring home Baby than previously expected. My job as a postpartum Doula is to help the transition to life with a new baby go as smoothly as possible. I aid in adjusting babies sleep schedule as well as just helping out around the house or with other children to allow Mama to get some much needed rest. I also assist in sibling support and helping an only child transition to a big brother or sister. As every mom’s needs are different, it’s hard to know in advance whether or not you will need much assistance with the postpartum period.

Included in the postpartum services:
Initial visit to assess needs & whether I will be a good fit for you and your family.
Scheduled visits where I will assist with breastfeeding within my knowledge & refer out where necessary. Also at these visits I will answer any questions about your baby that you may have.
I will help care for your newborn, other children, or tend to light household duties while you rest, shower, etc.
I will also assist you in processing your birth story if you would like.

As a Doula, birth or postpartum, I will not give medical advice or answer questions beyond my scope of practice. I will, however, happily refer you to someone who may better assist you should you need it.

Wondering if Insurance will cover it?

I currently work with Tricare Insurance as an out of Network provider. This is generally no cost to you if this is your insurance.

I am also currently working with Quilted Health of Spokane. They will cover your doula cost if this is your provider.


Birth Doula fee : $1300
Includes initial interview, one prenatal visit, birth, and 2 postpartum visits. I require a $350 deposit as a retaining fee at the time that you decide that we are a good fit. The remainder is due at the 38 week prenatal visit.

Postpartum Doula fee:
I require a 5 hour minimum commitment with a deposit of $100. Services are $35/hour. I require a minimum of a one hour shift unless we schedule otherwise.

If your circumstances do not allow for these fees, please contact me anyway. I have many resources available to me and firmly believe that a doula should available to any woman who wants one. I do make allowances for mothers who need pro-bono or low-cost.