The RN and Dr. Dad

Hiring Beth as our Doula was by far one of the best decisions we made for our son‘s birth. With my husband and I both being in healthcare, we weren’t sure what exactly it would look like to have a Doula, we just knew that both of us had seen far too many births go poorly with too much medical intervention and we didn’t want that to be our story. I had the goal of a natural hospital delivery, and with this being my first baby, I knew that Id need all the support possible to make that happen. As soon as we met with Beth, we knew she needed to be our Doula. She was confident and professional, yet had a comforting and nurturing presence. When I went into labor, I had strong contractions for about 12 hours and then, to my dismay, they started spacing out and going away. Beth knew exactly what to do and helped my labor pick up again.  When I got to the hospital, I was already 7 cm dilated and was coping well with the help of Beth and my husband. After laboring for another couple hours, they checked me again and I was still 7 cm. Again, Beth knew exactly what to do and helped me into a birth ball and coached me with movements to help dilation. The last stretch of labor proved to be the most difficult, and that was when I was the most thankful to have Beth there. Long story short, her experience and knowledge helped me not only achieve my goal of an unmedicated birth but also avoid a c-section. Beth was worth her weight in gold and we are so grateful that she was a part of my birth story. If you are considering a doula, Beth is the cream of the crop and I promise you will not regret having her on your team.