Corrin-the cholestasis surprise

Beth was so wonderful for helping me to meet my birthing goals and to have the birth experience that I desired. She was responsive, caring, and informative. She advocated for me in more ways than I knew she would. Because Beth was apart of my birth experience, my labor was quick and I had almost no tearing. She was by my side comforting me and telling me exactly what I needed to hear. She gave me the perfect mix of encouragement, comfort and instruction during my labor. I was able to tune out the room and just listen to her which helped my labor to move quickly and smooth. She also gave my husband suggestions on how to help me. This was really important because he wanted to be helpful during my birth but it can be hard to know how to help. She empowered him to know what to say and do to be helpful and included him in everything that was going on. She was also helpful in letting me know what options I had during my birth and what the benefits to each one was. I cannot recommend Beth enough. I am so thankful that we decided to get a doula and that we got one as amazing as Beth. My birth would not have been the same if she was not apart of my team!