Alicia C.

In thinking about the birth of our first child my husband James and I wanted someone with experience and knowledge to be there that could support and coach both of us through the whole process. We were so glad that we chose to have Beth as our doula! She was fabulous and did more for us than we could have ever imagined! She helped us well before the birth by going with us to our doctor appointment, talking with us in depth about a birth plan and giving me specific exercises, stretches and remedies to prepare for the birth. Beth would always keep in touch with me and she answered all of my questions and concerns when I had them. The night I went into labor Beth came to our house in the snow around 3am! Talk about dedication!!! She was with us every step of the way until our daughter was born 18 hours later! My goal was to give birth as naturally as possible and Beth was a huge part of me reaching that goal! I was able to give birth without a c-section, epidural or even pain medications. Beth’s advice from the start to “take each contraction as they come” and to “focus on something through the contractions” helped me immensely. Beth gave me the courage I needed when I doubted myself that I could keep going at times. Her experience helped me through the difficult parts of labor when I thought it would never end or that I wasn’t strong enough to continue. She was the voice of reason and always pointed out my strengths and what I could focus on next. She gave so many helpful suggestions about positioning, when to go walking, go in the jacuzzi tub, etc. and was a wonderful birthing coach! My husband was so grateful Beth was there to help him through the process and give suggestions so that he could participate as much as possible too. Even after the birth she stayed until all 3 of us were settled and she came and visited once we were home to see how things were going and if we had any questions or concerns. I am extremely grateful to Beth for all of her efforts! She is a wonderful, thoughtful and caring person who knows a lot about the birthing process. Beth will forever be a part of our birth story and we are so happy that she is! Her passion for the birthing experience and to empower women in their journey to motherhood sets her apart from the rest. I highly recommend Beth as a Doula!

Happy Mom – Alicia C.